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GBA2000 Statistics

MS EXCEL Spreadsheets:

Table 1: Monthly burned area (km2), number of scars (all clusters and individual pixels),average size of the scar (km2), % of total area of country burned (shown for the year 2000 synthesis only) estimates for all countries reporting burned areas.XLS

Table 2: Monthly burned area (km2) estimates andmonthly totals for all countries reporting burned areas.XLS

Table 3: Year 2000 burned area (km2),number of scars, average burn scar size (km2), and % of the categoryburned per country and broad vegetation type (derived from the University ofMaryland global land cover product, see point 5 below for further information).XLS

Graphs and Tables:

The following results are illustrative of the complete GBA2000 statistical dataset.
The datasets are comprised of non-accumulative, monthly products and an annual product (i.e. burnt area in the year 2000).


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* Fires statistics for modeling of emissions and transport of Greenhouse Gases and Aerosols
** TREES Tropical Forest project (see Sources for reference)

Global/Continental level reporting Country level reporting Sub-country level reporting Burning in protected areas (P.A.) Modelling of emissions* Disturbance to vegetation cover**

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  MODIS Land Cover Product

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Products available to users:
  Global P.A. / m.
  African P.A. / m. / v. type
  Russian P.A. / m. / v. type
  Individual P.A. / m. / v. type

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1o grid BA density (ann.)

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  1o grid/m. BA density maps
  1/2o grid/m. BA density maps

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View Map Tropical forest sites (Madagascar)

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